Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Clergy Affair

Hi all! Jennifer Johnson here to share with you an excerpt from my latest release, The Clergy Affair.

Here goes!

When Sam entered the car, his knees seemed to be under his chin. Deborah leaned over and reached under his legs to find the bar to move the seat back. It was a mistake.
Her arm grazed his thigh; her hand gripped his hand which was also on the seat bar. Immediately, Deborah snatched hers back and plastered herself to the driver’s side door.
“I’m…I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I was trying to…”
“It’s all right.” Sam moved the seat as far as it would go. “I hope you don’t mind me moving the seat back.”
Mind? Did she mind? Did he mind her trying to grab him in the tiny recesses of her car? Her arm zinged with the body contact. What was wrong with her?
Deborah took five deep breaths, willing herself to calm down as she started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. She headed toward the restaurant
where the reception was being held, aware of Sam sitting next to her. She had never noticed before how small this car was. That’s what happens when you cram a six foot guy in it.
Was he married?
Of course, he was married.
Deborah stole a quick glance at him. They were probably about the same
age. Why wouldn’t he be married? Everybody was married by age 38. Everybody but me.
What did it matter anyway? She liked her life: unmarried small town minister content with life AS IS. You hear that, heart? Stop the annoying
Talledega 500 Speedway rhythm. I like my life just like it is.

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