Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Month Blog Tour - Week Four!

The final week of the month-long blog tour. Commenters this week are up for a weekly prize worth $40 and/or a Grand Prize worth over $50! Topic this week - Developing Unique Characters

Meet author AJ Nuest at http://amielouellen.wordpress.com/
Meet author Lynne Roberts at http://authorjenniferjakes.blogspot.com/

Meet paranormal romance author Maeve Greyson at

Meet author Amy Corwin at http://lynneroberts.blogspot.com/

Meet contemporary and paranormal romance author Jill James at

Meet romantic suspense author Kat Duncan at http://amycorwin.blogspot.com

Meet contemporary YA an adult romance author Linda Kage at

Meet paranormal, and historical romance author Caroline Clemmons at

Meet historical and paranormal romance writer Lilly Gayle at

Meet Amie Louellen, author of fun and whimsical contemporary romance at http://carolineclemmons.blogspot.com

Meet erotic western historical author Jennifer Jakes at


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