Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wild about Ebooks

For a good long while my goal has been to be published in Ebooks. So when I met Rhonda Penders at our super conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas known as Ozark Creative Writers, I was thrilled when she asked me to submit two of my manuscripts.

For the past few years my work has all been in nonfiction, but along the way that old love, writing fiction, often reared its head and I would work on something. The problem is, my reach exceeds practicality. Concentrate on one genre, we're often told, but that never appealed to me. A Jane of all trades, I wrote in a wide range.

Having been published the traditional route in the 90s, I'd settled into the western historical romance genre, and had one novel, Stone Heart's Woman, ready. Then I leaped to paranormal, Wolf Song, but still western oriented, a story about the gray wolf restoration in Wyoming at Yellowstone National Park. Going to the dark side, out came A Savage Grace. Oh, was I ever ready to submit when it became evident that Ebooks were the coming place to be.

Knowing all this, my next step was to buy a Kindle, for how could I pursue Epublishing without a way to read Ebooks? Fell in love immediately with the concept of downloading books and carrying so many around in my purse. A tiny, light weight thing I could hold up easily while reading in bed.

Then came the news that The Wild Rose Press wanted to publish Stone Heart's Woman, really liked Wolf Song but didn't find enough romance there to fit.

I can already see that this is a great place to be, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next steps in seeing my book Epublished.

Have found some great writing helps on Digital Book World and this helpful site.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post, I didn't share the E.Book excitment until I was asked to edit one, now I can't wait to see it Epublished. It is definitely a great way to get access to books from all over the world, and from all sorts of genres.