Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Characters and humans behaving badly by Rue Allyn

I don’t know about you but I’m not always a nice person. I try, but despite my best efforts and a whole grunch of praying I still have moments when my inner fears (read introvert with a history) get the better of me. Sadly, for some people this makes me a lousy person. I think it makes me human and much more interesting than if I were pure as the driven et cetera. As an author, I believe heroes and especially heroines who have faults are more interesting and more believeable than those who don’t. The faults can range in severity from a simple chocolate addiction (I actually wrote a hero who had a fondness for chocolate) to excessive guilt or fear. You’d be surprised the kinds of behavior that guilt and fear will produce in people. Well, now that I think on it, you might not be surprised. You’re human too, right? J

In Deal of a Lifetime the heroine’s fears get the better of her for most of the book. She doesn’t always treat the hero nicely. So why does he bother? Well he isn’t always perfect either although due to his life experience he is a little bit wiser than the heroine. That life experience gives him faith that the woman he loves will eventually overcome her fears. His faith in her is so strong that he puts up with all of her nonsense to gain a happy every after for both of them. 

Please leave a comment and let me know about a time when your fears caused you to behave less perfectly than you’d like.

Deal of a Lifetime will be available world wide on September 4, 2013. Currently you may purchase the book through Amazon’s Kindle Store.

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Ella Quinn - Romance Novelist said...

I know all about people and characters acting badly!! Congratulations on your release, Rue!! Tweeted.

Rue Allyn said...

Thanks for the comment and the tweet, Ella.

Juli D. Revezzo said...

Oh dear. That's an evil question! Can I plead the 5th? ;) Good luck with your new release, Rue!

Unknown said...

I like this post, thanks :)