Monday, September 30, 2013

Interview with Lisa Dawn - Marketing Director of the Wild Rose Press

*Thank you to Melissa Snark - The Snarkology for the Interview!
Hi Lisa! Thanks for agreeing to answer some questions for me!



Lisa, if I'm correct, you're The Wild Rose Press's Marketing Guru. (Is Marketing Guru your official title?)


I answer to many titles, lol, but marketing director is my main job at the Wild Rose Press. Although the title encompasses much more including review coordinator, and social media coordinator. I’m also author liaison. If you have a question or need something, my email can get you an answer or get you to the person who can get you an answer.


Please tell us about your background.


I don’t have a special background in marketing, but in my work history I have edited newsletters, managed book stores, run a salon, and had my own businesses.



How did you come to work for TWRP?


I met Rhonda online. The Wild Rose Press hadn’t officially opened their doors. As a writer, I was interested in the “Garden.” I submitted a story, contracted it (it was my first contracted book), and within a few weeks, had found that I had skills the company needed. The last seven years have been ideal.


What's Rhonda Penders like in real life? Is she scary? Intimidating? Does she sparkle in sunlight?


She definitely sparkles. She’s got a head for business but her heart is with authors. If you have a question, expect an honest answer. She believes in open communication and she does all she can to make the Garden (which is what we call the Wild Rose Press) a positive, professional place for authors.


What's your favorite part of your job?


I love working with authors. I love that I work from home. I commute about 30 feet from the coffeepot to my office. I wear slippers to work. (I have a slipper fetish J the bigger and fluffier the better).


What's the least favorite aspect of your job?

That changes from week to week. Right now, it’s Yahoo Groups. We are working on a new tool to be able to make it easier to coordinate promotional efforts with authors.


Do you have any minions?

No! And it’s probably a good thing. I’d scare them away. I’m happiest when I’m busy.


What are the most annoying things authors do to make your life harder?

I have a hard time answering this question. I know what it’s like for authors. Questions need to be answered. I suppose I just would ask authors to be patient. I always have a full inbox and sometimes emails can’t be answered the same day, but I try.


What's your advice to (aspiring, new & established) authors regarding the best way to create a successful marketing platform?

Do what you enjoy. Marketing your books and your brand takes time. So choosing venues you enjoy is going to make it a more appealing. If you hate to blog, don’t start a blog, rather guest blog now and again on other active blogs. Then the commitment is manageable. If you love Facebook, then make pages for your books. Do what you like. Also, give your readers more than heavy “buy my book” promotions. Share little facts about you, your writing life, and your inspirations. Readers want to know you as well as what you write.


Have you ever tried your hand at writing a romance novel?

Yes, I’m an active writer as well. I have books in the main side of the garden, but primarily I write erotic romance and my books can be found on the Wilder Side of the Garden in Scarlet Rose.


What types of books do you read for fun?

It changes. Right now, I like spicy historical romances.


Quick Quiz:


  • What color are your favorite pajamas?  Teal (and they are a soft flannel)

  • Favorite fruit?  Mixed berries. I eat them in a smoothie with protein powder and almond milk every day after I work out.

  • Do you believe in magic?  I believe we make our own magic. I have two boys and just celebrated 20 years of marriage. I have a great job, love to write and work in my vegetable garden. There has to be magic in that.

  •  Margaritas or martinis?  Coffee- black, herbal and chai tea or water. Those are the only things I drink. No soda, alcohol or other beverages.



    Thanks again!

    Thank you so much for having me.



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