Friday, November 20, 2015

Easy Ways to Birth and Shape Your Paranormal Romance Hero

Crafting a quality, captivating story takes a lot of time. The entire writing process, from beginning to end, is usually exhaustingly time consuming. Every writer I know well has a different issue with plotting a story - mine is character creation and shaping (or "fleshing her/him out").
It's taken me years to progress from dreading this part of writing to embracing it as a direct challenge and making it an opportunity to grow and blossom as an author.

So, let's talk birthing and shaping your paranormally hot hero. This may not be the time to pants it and just dive into writing, thinking he'll materialize easily from your imagination to the blank page. This is unsuccessful draft #3 - time to try something new...

1. Think of the hottest guy you remember seeing. See how that face just came to mind? You're remembering a real guy, not one with fuzzy features that you tried to make real. Keep that guy's face in your mind for a few of your writing projects. Hair color, height - these can all be changed, but keep the face. If you found your hot guy so memorably fine, chances are that most of your readers will, too.

2. Congratulations! You just birthed a strapping hero hottie. He needs a name - but not from an outdated baby book from 1972 and, unless you have a specific purpose in doing so, not from you inner circle of guy friends. (What about your sex scenes if your hero bears your male bff's name? Awkward.)

Try using one of the many character name generators or using the Social Security Name Index. Avoid predictability, with overly common hot guy names, but keep in mind that some male names are simply un-sexy.

3. Give him a liberal studies degree. Huh?! lol I'll explain: liberal arts degree programs are generally considered to shape students into well- rounded people, focusing on a little bit of every subject. Consider shaping your hero into a more educated guy, coupled with life experience. If he hunts demons or vampires, have him show off his knowledge of their pack history and his expertise with weapons. Have him cook a gourmet meal in the evening after tango class.

4. Where is the love? Lastly, explore his deepest feelings for your heroine. See her inner and outer beauty through his eyes and have him reflect on all the reasons he loves her.
I have a thrilling and important announcement about my new "Hell on Heels" trilogy coming soon... : )
Happy 5k Writing Days to you all!
Tamela Miles

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