Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Apocalypse Survival Kit by Trish Arcangelo

Since my new release, BREAKOUT, has a post-apocalyptic setting, it got me to thinking about how I would fare in the apocalypse. What I would have in my survival kit? I’m not really what one would call…er…tough. I doubt I would make it very far with my meager skill set. Therefore I will leave the more legitimate list of survival supplies (matches, knife, compass, etc) to someone with more business using them. Instead I’ve come up with something a bit lighter. My list has more to do with comfort. If I did make it, I would have a lot of hours in each day to fill. No TV, no internet, no phone. The horror! So here’s what I’d have in my backpack to keep myself comfortable, happy, and to stave off any post-apocalyptic boredom:

1) A few of my favorite romance novels, the ones I can re-read a hundred times and never get sick of. I have a list of some of my favorites on my website if you want to check them out.
2) A plastic wine goblet. Assuming I’m lucky like Monarch, the heroine in Breakout, and end up near a store with a fully stocked wine selection, I will want to make sure I have a way to drink it. I’d rather not have to use my hands. I’m not above it, but……
3) A corkscrew (see number 2)
4) Baby wipes. Since opportunities to bathe might be few and far between, I would want a way to clean up a bit. Smelling nice is high on my list.
5) Lotion. (see number 4, smelling nice can’t be overstated).
6) A notebook and pen. A writer still writes, even when the world ends!
7) A small lantern and extra batteries. I’m not a big fan of the dark.
8) A book of crossword puzzles.
9) A hoody. I get cold easily and sometimes there’s nothing better than a comfy hoody.
10) Chocolate bars.

What would you have in your backpack?

BREAKOUT released November 18th
Trish Arcangelo

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