Saturday, October 29, 2016

How much fiction is autobiographical? by Beverly Breton

We all know there's truth in fiction. But don't we want to know specifics? What is autobiographical in this particular story? Read on, and find out!

Under A Halloween Moon
opens up with Annika and her five-year-old daughter Mindy on a windy overcast day at a town Halloween parade that finishes in a town park where families visit over hot chocolate and donuts. TRUE. I took my son to this exact parade when we lived in western Pennsylvania.

Attending the parade is Robin Hood on a horse. TRUE. Where we lived had enough undeveloped areas that a few people still had acres of land, and horses. One of these men dressed up in full Robin Head regalia and rode his white horse in the parade.

Annika, Mindy, and her friend Livvy ooh and ah over a baby costumed as a flower in a terra cotta pot. TRUE. This baby won one of the costume awards at the parade I went to…beyond adorable.

The fiction starts when single mother Annika locks gazes with Livvy’s single father Cameron. He’s an architect, but what's TRUE here is that I have always been attracted to architect’s handwriting. So I’m giving my hero a sexy head start for any notes he’s going to write to the heroine!

I hope you’ll pick up with Cam and Annika and Mindy and Livvy and find out what else is in store for the four of them as a magical Halloween weekend unfolds…

Under A Halloween Moon
Beverly Breton

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