Monday, October 17, 2016

Romantic Attraction - What makes an Alpha Male?

Do you remember the first time you met your significant other? Did you know it was love at first sight? Well, I didn't. Sometimes we meet the "mirror" of us. We are interested at first. I suspect that this is because like personalities attract like personalities. But then...conflict happens.

I certainly am no expert at relationships, but I know what I've learned over the past forty years.

As good feminists, we know what we are supposed to think - we are strong, confident, driven. We must be appreciated as equals with our male coworkers - and we are. But then why do some women fall into escapism of being drawn to

Success can take place in many forms, and all successful people are certainly not perfect people. No human is. Everybody has an Achilles Heel, a vulnerability. They are our challenges. If we overcome them, we become successful. It isn't that these obstacles are gone from our lives - we just learned to step over them.


With success comes confidence. With confidence, the fear of failure decreases with the each subsequent challenge.

So, what does that have to do with romantic attraction and an alpha male?

An alpha partner no longer allows a fear of failure to stop them. They run head-on into a challenge. That is why we see them in romance novels as the military man, the business CEO, the Navy Seal, the police officers, the warrior, and even the paranormal wolf - or whatever strikes your fancy. Even a building engineer who knows his stuff, and shamelessly wears his kilt in public exhibits alpha male personality (Yes, Welshman - that means you too! ).

Their confidence also comes from many failures, as yours did. They faced trials, learned from them, and overcame obstacles. Most of all, the alpha recovers from his failures. He is still evolving...just as you are.

Marriage is full of challenges, and everybody knows that. An alpha will evolve from failures to become confident and strong. As the cream always rises to the top, so will the alpha in their mate's eyes. After all, strength attracts strength and all people are attracted to leadership.

So, are you with that person who challenges you?


Cindy James
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an alpha male? Doesn't that make us submissives? How could we ever be happy marrying one?

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