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What's in a name?

Or in a book title?

There are many reasons a name—or a book title can be changed. For the first book in the Redwoods series , ‘An Independent Woman’, it was changed because the catalog already had a book with that title. So it became to ‘A Woman of Spirit’. Same story, same feisty heroine, same dashing hero and same detestable villain.
And the Five Star reviews are all for the same book.

Why don’t you pop over now and have a look—and if you read it now you’ll be just right to pre-order a copy of its sequel so you won’t have to wonder for long what happens to this independent young woman next.
I do not usually read historical romances, but after reading Kate Loveday’s contemporary Australian romance, Inheritance, I wanted to know if her other works was as good. I think there is there is a richness to her writing. She may be Australia’s answer to Barbara Taylor Bradford.

I have only one complaint, the second book in the Redwood Series is not out and will not be for a while.
Note: I seldom give 5 star ratings because I am comparing these books to the best I ever read. This is a 5 star recommendation.
Well-written and well-told, with colorful characters and finely drawn scenes, this is a book that will sweep you back to the Victorian era of 1878 and immerse you in the changing fortunes of the headstrong young Kitty Morland. Aussie author Kate Loveday's stories about independent women are wonderful stories.

Kitty became aware that Bella and Mr van Mayen had moved over by the cab where they stood engrossed in conversation, but Rufe still waited, looking down at her with the flicker of a smile on his face, his eyes twinkling.

‘An old friend, Miss Morland?’ he asked.
‘No, Mr Barron and I met on board the ship.’
‘Ah. Then I see you've made a conquest.’ He laughed.
Kitty stiffened. ‘I don't know what you mean.’
‘It's obvious that young Barron has fallen for your charms in a big way.’
‘I think you are very impolite, Mr Cavanagh.’
He laughed again. ‘Forgive me, but it's not every day we see a gentleman kiss a lady's hand in Australia. We're less gallant than those from the land of our forbears, I'm afraid.’
How dare he laugh at her? Kitty lifted her chin. ‘Surely civility is not frowned upon in the Antipodes?’
‘You'll probably find us boorish and backward. I guess most of us have been too busy trying to tame the wilderness to have much time left over for the delicate social graces.’
‘And which parts of the wilderness have you been taming, Mr Cavanagh?’
‘I go here and there, wherever my business takes me.’
Kitty forgot her annoyance as she became interested. ‘So are you a merchant?’
‘Of sorts.’
‘You must know a great deal about business then?
‘As well as most, I suppose.’
‘Then perhaps you can tell me where you think would be a good place to start a business?’
‘Good heavens. Are you thinking of going into business?’
Kitty hesitated. Perhaps she should have waited until she saw Robert before she started asking questions.
‘I might be,’ she replied.
‘What type of business?’
‘I'm…not sure.’
‘Have you been in business before?’
‘No, not really.’
Rufe looked at her through half narrowed eyes. ‘Aren't you a little young and inexperienced to be thinking of going into business, particularly in a country you don’t know? Besides, I daresay you'll be married before you have time to set up a business.’
Kitty fumed. He really was insufferable. Why had she thought him so attractive? Coldly she answered him. ‘Why do all men assume every woman is just waiting around to marry the first man who comes along?’
‘Probably because it's usually true.’
‘Well, I can assure you it's not so in my case. I have no intention of marrying any one.’
His lips quirked. ‘My dear Miss Morland, with your looks, I doubt you'll last six months. In fact, from the way young Barron was gazing at you a few moments ago, it may be very soon.’
She tossed her head. ‘Our talk has been most illuminating, Mr Cavanagh. I'm sure you’ve given me an insight into the charms of Australian men. Perhaps I should now look for a cab.’
‘There’s a perfectly good one waiting for you now. With your mother already waiting alongside it for you with my friend Jan.’
Kitty lifted her chin and without another word walked across to join Bella, with Rufe following.
‘I’m sure you’ll be most comfortable at Petty’s,’ Rufe told them as he and Jan saw them and their luggage safely inside. ‘I’m staying there myself so I hope we shall meet again.’ He tipped his hat before moving back as the driver climbed up to his seat.
‘What a charming man,’ Bella remarked as they settled themselves in the cab.
‘Hmm, perhaps,’ Kitty muttered, knowing that, in spite of his insufferable manners, she would like to get to know him, but she could not run the risk of him remembering her, the danger was too great.

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Kate Loveday

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