Friday, January 22, 2021

New Romance and Fiction from The Wild Rose Press


New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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Heart of Atlantis

On the Greek island of Santorini, archaeologist Paige Turner is seeking proof of Atlantis. She meets Marc Cooper, travel writer/photographer. Though they disagree about ancient history, a simple kiss quickly turns their relationship from friendship to something more powerful. The fiery chemistry they share is undeniable—but Marc has his own agenda.
When Paige finds a gold ring buried under layers of ash, their cozy little world is turned upside down. Lucid dreams of the past intermix with current events, and like the Atlantean temples of old, Paige finds her world crumbling and her life in danger.

Wylder's Magic
The Wylder West


Lillian is devastated. Her goal of owning an apothecary in Wylder, Wyoming is dashed. Her family has promised her in wedlock by proxy, and she hopes her spouse is a reasonable man. Can they forge a compromise about the shop, as well as their marriage?

Hank's hopes aren't high when it comes to his sight-unseen bride. Heck, he'd settle for a good cook and a warm body. However, Lillian is a lady and skittish as a wild filly—determined to take things slow. She proves her point by sleeping in the guest room.

Just as Lillian begins to fall in love, and yearns to become a true wife, Hank is shot. With potions handed down by her ghostly Gammy she works to keep him alive. Will death come calling or will Hank live to share the last unclaimed piece of property on their homestead…his bed?

Cinnamon & Sugar


Humphrey Bertrand's genius-level IQ can't help him find his moral compass. His family is filled with racial conflicts and he struggles to find his own way. But he cannot let anyone drown, regardless of their skin color.
Alicia Bloom, a gifted valedictorian and poet runs away from an abusive situation. While she is thankful to Humphrey for saving her life she doesn't want to be tied to anyone.
When an attempt on her life forces them to hit the road together to stay one step ahead of a murderous maniac they wonder if their dreams of a future will be put on hold permanently.

Mrs. Spinney's Secret


What do you do when Hollywood takes over your tiny Maine village to make a movie? Cassidy Beauvoir, chair of the board of overseers of Amity Landing, is ready to throw the bums out; that is, until she meets Jasper MacEwan, the director of American Waterloo: the Rout of the Penobscot Expedition. It's instant attraction until a series of deadly incidents threatens their budding romance. Are the attacks directed at the movie crew or the townspeople?

As the two search for answers, the trail leads them to long-held secrets of the worst naval defeat of the American Revolution—including betrayal, murder, and a lost hoard of English gold.

From Somewhere in a Dream
Ark City Confidential Chronicles


For close to thirty years, Baron Witherspoon has lived another man's life. Now, he's been pushed out of his job as a beat cop in rural Ark City, Kansas. He should be looking forward to some kind of a future but instead there is too much from his past forcing him to face many hidden truths.

An unsolved murder demands justice. An unknown threat results in a lengthy journey. His health is in decline. What he doesn't realize is the answers are right there in front of him.

The Aussie Sinner (A Sinner's Legacy


Lorena Billodeaux has spent the last two years in Australia to train for the Olympics. This is her dream, but when Jock Brown, a professional Aussie Rules Football player, makes a play for her heart, he distracts her big-time.

Jock wants to give American Football a go, and Lorena's dad can help him. But when he puts himself up close and personal with Ms. Billodeaux to get an introduction, he finds himself falling in love.

Life is not always a smooth path, and when Lorena returns to the states, Jock follows her. His teammates see him leaving as a betrayal. But nothing compares to when the woman of his heart finds out why he approached her in the first place. Lorena's belief in him is shattered, and Jock fears he's lost her for good. 

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