Friday, January 29, 2021

Maisie's List - On Sale Now

For a limited time, download Maisie's List for only .99!! 


"Kids say the funniest things. Especially a six-year-old fashionista whose constantly shifting demands completely befuddle her single dad. When his wife, Maisie, made her list of potential mates for Peter Hunter, did she consider the opinions of their very strong-minded youngest child?"

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A year after his wife's death, Peter Hunter juggles raising their two precocious children and running his veterinary practice. When he receives a mysterious package from his late wife, Maisie, he discovers her matchmaking list of four potential mates. His office manager, Caroline, encourages him to trust Maisie's judgement and give love another try. But dating is never easy, especially when his school-age children have opinions on everything. Will he ever find another woman who can make them all happy?

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