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New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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A Life Unknown


Socialite April Westerman has it all, or so it seems. Jaded from betrayal, blackmail and devastating losses, she has sworn off love. But Joe Cortez is making her question that decision. He's a beast of a man, intimidating, protective and yet, sweet. He is everything she wants, and every reason she needs to stay away.

Joe chips away at the walls April erected until she finally lets him in. But when her past comes back to haunt her, she once more pushes him out of her life. Suspecting she's in trouble, Joe steals her away to the mountains, hoping to save her.

When tragedy puts Joe's survival in April's hands, secrets of the past threaten to ruin any chance of love.

Double Cross
Cross your Heart and Die Series


Attorney Susan Dante has spent her life championing lost-causes, even after landing a job at Lucas and Devine, a prestigious law firm in Boston's Beacon Hill. Despite working twelve-hour days, she serves paperwork on her latest pro-bono case, a copyright dispute with Torrence Publishing.

Aiden Torrence, owner of Torrence Publishing, is impressed by Susan's spunk. He promises restitution for her client and delegates the discovery to a long-standing business associate who, unknown to him, is possessed by a creature of the otherworld.

Aiden and Susan can't deny their attraction and dive into a whirlwind romance. But Susan fears someone, or something, is after her. When Aiden fails to disclose pertinent contracts, she slaps him with a class-action lawsuit, forcing him to slog through a twisted conspiracy of blackmail and murder to rescue her from the heinous entity hell-bent on destroying her.

An Unexpected Wife


A simple drive into town became the most important trip of Luke's life. He had always taken on responsibility that he wasn't ready for. This time he accepted the obligation for a female who found herself without hope.

Librarian Lorelei Sanders was stranded in Nebraska without money, without a home, and without prospects. Luke Foster seemed the only means to save her. Could she commit herself to being this stranger's wife?

Kappa Companion


Two years after her husband's sudden death, Heidi hopes to make a fresh start with a new love and a new home. But she hasn't planned on sharing her century-old house with her son's not-so-imaginary friends—a ghost child and a Japanese water monster. Jeff, the man she's dating, definitely wants to marry her. Yet how can his scientific rationalism accept Heidi's belief in paranormal forces? If the alleged haunting turns out to be real, he'll have to change his entire worldview. Can their love flourish while coping with an exotic supernatural infestation? At least the creatures aren't dangerous—or are they?

Penny Gothic: a romance of fictitious proportions
In For a Penny Book 1


Gypsy magic gone awry. A dubious family legacy.
When Penelope Darling's grandmother dies, Penny inherits much more than a used bookstore. With only clues from a stack of letters left by her great grandmothers, Penny must find her destined true love… in a book.
Penny needs to convince her hero he's not an actual book character, while avoiding the book's determined villain. But convincing her knight in shining armor might not be enough to make a happily ever after.
She also must decide if she's ready to fall in line with the family legacy, or go with the equally tempting (and totally non fictional) guy next door, and forget the man fated to be hers.

Rocky Road Home
One Scoop or Two


Bella Diamond never thought she'd return to her hometown, a beachside hamlet on Long Island's north shore. But that's exactly where she finds herself as an empty-nester rounding the bend toward fifty, forced to reinvent her life after a rocky marriage. When Bella moves into the apartment above her family's ice cream stand, she discovers Dante, the sexy pizzeria owner two doors down. His kindness, warmth, and sizzling touch awaken parts of her that have been dormant. Will he tempt her to leave her dream job at a Manhattan art gallery to stay in her hometown and take over the family business?         

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