Monday, November 21, 2022

Heartsong Hills by Wendy Rich Stetson


Sometimes to follow your heart, you have to break the rules.

 About The Book: Amish girls don’t dance. Dancing is against the rules and Nora Beiler always follows the rules…until a runaway logging truck shatters her world forever. Desperate to heal from injuries incurred by the accident, she enrolls in a fitness class at a local senior center, never dreaming it might involve tap dancing…or just how much she would come to love to dance.

          Exiled from Nashville, country music star Tucker McClure has no one to blame but himself. Weekly gigs at the local farmers’ market keep the demons at bay. The last thing he expects to find himself is in an old folks fitness class…and dancing with a girl who makes him question everything he thought he wanted.

          Can love bridge the gaps between broken hearts and disparate worlds?

 Our Review: It comes as a joy to relive Wendy Rich Stetson’s rich and evocative phrasing such as what is found in Heartsong Hills, book 2 in her Hearts of the Ridge series, and recent release by the Wild Rose Press. Set in rural Pennsylvania, this sweetly honest love story follows members of the Plain folk who celebrate strong traditions and faith without question in the Ordnung of Amish rules. But what happens when in order to heal and recover, one must consider going outside the rules? Then, after finding healing from world shattering loss, what would one give up to find everlasting love?

 On a scale of 1-5, Heartsong Hills deserves a 7.

 Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews





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