Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Rogue the Durum by Steven J. Kolbe


If social media teaches anything, it’s that everyone lies.

About the BookOn a cold spring night in a quiet suburb on the banks of the Chicago River, the vice president of an international social network, is found stabbed to death. That same night, the Finnish heiress to the latest social media craze disappears from an all-night masquerade party on Lake Michigan. How are these incidents connected—and what did the dead man mean when he warned a group of South Pacific islanders plan to “rogue the durum”?

Aided by rookie detective, Lucia Vargas, and Fr. Remy Mbombo, a local priest with a history he’s desperate to keep under wraps, FBI agent Ezra James takes on the case. He must work fast to uncover the secrets before more people die. And if “rogue the durum” means what the experts fear, then the social network moguls behind it are capable of anything.

 Our Review: Once again, author Kolbe delivers a real whodunit for the intrepid Agent James to solve all the while supported by a cast of complex characters who literally jump off the page. The ending is one to savor, hinting the best is yet to come.

 On a scale of 1-5, Rogue the Durum deserves a 7.

 Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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