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A visit with Sandra Masters

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Often in the course of producing a novel, there are scenes, dialogue and chapters that are not included in the published novel. As the author, every word is precious, worth its weight in gold, because it came from the vast depths of your mind and your soul. Publishing is a profit oriented business, and with such a dynamic and changing industry, both in digital books and print versions, there are limitations to the amount of words that can be used in a novel or novella.


Translated, that means, this author has what is called Bonus Material. These are anything that adds dimension and keeps you, the reader, engaged between books, to enjoy the world and characters I’ve created. Some of these choices, for me, are character interviews, deleted scenes, epilogues, and even short stories.


Today, I have chosen to interview, the heroine from my book Once Upon A Duke, my spicy Regency, Duchess Serena Austen, or more properly labeled with the honorific, Duchess Austen.

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  Sandra Masters, Unapologetic Story Teller


Simply as an aid, I’ve included the back cover blurb about these marvelous characters.


Serena, an artist and widow, has no desire for another husband. When she meets Geoffrey Austen, attraction sizzles to a scorch. Stolen days and nights ignite forbidden passion. Geoffrey asks Serena to become his mistress, but she wants commitment, love and marriage, not an affair with a notorious rake.

Geoffrey realizes Serena might be the one woman who can care for his tortured soul, and maybe release his demons. The magic they shared is shattered when he learns she’s been forced into betrothal with another and held captive. He vows to save her even at the cost of his own life.

Will Geoffrey’s gallantry prove he truly loves Serena?

If he survives, will Serena surrender all to him?




Q.        Your Grace, when you first met the Duke of Austen, what did you think of him?

A.        Not overly much. He was so sure of himself and his ability to sweep a woman off her feet with his glib tongue and his practiced seductive words. I was shocked at the liberties he took without getting my consent, but he was memorable. For the first time, I found I wanted to know more about a rogue such as he.


Q.        When did your opinion change of him?

A.        Certainly not when he attempted to seduce me when Henry, my brother, conveniently left us alone. When he posed for me to complete his portrait in his handsome riding outfit, he utilized his double entendre words to suggest risqué visions.


Q.        Then what caused you to change your opinion of him?

A.        When he gifted me with Adonis, the puppy hound. It was a dirty underhanded ploy. I could resist the man, but I couldn’t resist a man with an impish puppy in his arms. And when the pup piddled on the floor, and he, the duke, cleaned it up, my heart was his. It was then I determined that no man who could humble himself in such a manner would maltreat a woman.


Q.        I hesitate to ask, but for the readers’ sakes, I will. Your first husband had a sadistic streak and he beat you at will. Why did you not take action to stop him?

A.        I was young and inexperienced in the ways of men. Trystan, my brother’s choice of a husband for me, found me easy prey for his demented behavior. He frightened me, and threatened harm if I breathed a word to anyone. I remember his words when he said, “I’ll make you regret the day you were born.”



Q.        What would you like us to know about Geoffrey the man you did fall in love with?

A.        Geoffrey had his own demons with which to deal. In many ways, we redeemed each other. That night on the lake when he discovered my scarred back, all he wanted to do was sooth and comfort me. When he helped me back to my studio apartment, he actually put salve on my back. It was then I knew that he was the only man for me. We just had to decide on what terms. I wanted marriage. He didn’t. Then fickle fate took a hand and indeed the only choice was for him to rescue me from my captors, or for me to attend his funeral. He sent word to me he’d set me free one way or the other.  The rest is for the readers to learn.


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