Friday, April 01, 2016

Lover's Leap by Kimberly Keyes

If you have a favorite author, chances are you are hooked as much to her “true story” as you are to her writing, and you may not even know it!

Ever wonder why your author’s books speak to your heart? Why they feel so authentic, like the characters are jumping off the page? I believe this is because your dear author is telling you, her reader, the truth of her heart. Her “truth” will come out again and again in her writing, some basic theme that repeats, even though her plot lines and characters vary.
Some romance authors believe true love conquers all. A romance with this theme might describe a couple that life has torn apart for years who then find their way back together, or maybe the romance features a couple on the brink of divorce, or even post divorce, who wind up happily re-married.
Some romance authors believe In order to find true love, you have to first value yourself. I love this theme. Here you might see a woman who desperately loves her man, but until he can step up and own his part in their relationship, she’s out of there.
My truth tends to be love heals, coupled with love is worth fighting for. Take my heroine Candace in LOVER’S LEAP. Without making a conscious decision to do so, she has always guarded her heart for fear of getting hurt. It's a consequence of having grown up witnessing her dysfunctional parents' relationship. But Logan finds a way past her barriers to show her love is worth the risk. As for my hero Logan, he thinks he’s not worth much, and he's not a good bet in the love department. He
blames himself for failing someone he loved in his past, even though he could not have foreseen the tragedy. But Candace shows him who he is as seen through her eyes, sparking a flame of hope in him that his life can be more than a series of one night stands and adrenaline highs.
In the end, they each have a decision to make. Will they go for it and take the leap of faith love demands? And it's not enough for one of them to jump, because, let's don't forget this truth, love takes two.
Fall in love with Candace and Logan, and you’ll catch a glimpse of my truths, and hopefully, their journey will feel as real to you as falling in love yourself.

LOVER'S LEAP, a contemporary romance by Kimberly Keyes. Unleash your inner romantic.

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