Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Los Angeles: More Than Just Pretty Palm Trees

Tamela Miles reveals the dark, gritty side of Downtown Los Angeles in her story, "Heart of a Hunter" (#1 in her new Hell On Heels series) but promises that the city has is better known for its' rich, multicultural history. Elle Connor, the newbie demon hunter heroine who's more paranormal than normal, spends a lot of time on the seedy streets of the dark side of the famed City of Angels but, like her creator, she is familiar with every part of her city. Through Elle's eyes, readers can catch glimpses of the sunnier sides of Los Angeles, such as the abundant, charming coffee houses, vibrant beaches with lovely palm trees swaying in the breeze, and interesting museums.  Tamela is a Southern California native, raised in the nearby cozy, suburban Altadena, which rests right above Pasadena, the City of Roses. Pasadena is home to the famous annual Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. Just as Elle is prone to hop a bus or a commuter train to search out her next adventure, Tamela spent much of her teen years traveling this way to explore Downtown Los Angeles. Be sure to relax with a steaming cup of tea and read all about Elle's unfolding love story and trials as a hunter, in this story that kicks off the series, releasing from The Wild Rose Press on April 6, 2016!~     

"Nobody sees what we see/they're just hopelessly gazing..." - Beyonce Knowles Carter
From the Desk of Tamela Miles

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