Tuesday, December 06, 2016

My dysfunctional Family novel by Dee Gatrell

When I finished writing Sweet Sunset, my husband read it. He decided he knew who my characters really were. I told him no, he
did not. So okay, one gal is an enabler, like one of our daughters. One gal got punched in the eye and was married to a crazy man, but nothing else is like her. My one son always had the habit of picking the wrong women, but now is married. I truly think he had a neon sign that lit up and read, “if you are crazy, I’m sure I’ll love you.” Well at least for a while.

I think when you write a novel people you know sort of pop out of you. Like my mom who had dementia. She was asked to move out of the senior’s apartments. She blew up cans in the microwave, she burned food and she did break handles off ceramic cups. We never did figure that one out.

As for Zack, he’s a total figment of my imagination. My cousin Betty, who is widowed, wants the real him. The gay boy was once a friend of my granddaughter’s. I have no idea what happened to him once he grew up, but I wanted him to be happy.

Life has happy times, and sad times. I like putting humor in my stories and hope they make people laugh. We all need to laugh to keep us going. A friend of mine told me about her mom being upset with her stepmom and told her how evil she was, spilling her soda on the table. And of course, June in the episode of the moms going to lunch, I had to tell the story about her “yankee” neighbors, because the real June was a Southern lady who told us tales like that.

I do hope if you have a chance to read Sweet Sunset you’ll enjoy spending time with Myrtle Sue and her dysfunctional family.

Sweet Sunset
Dee Gatrell

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