Thursday, December 08, 2016

Writing the story Love in the Shadows by Linda H. Bost

I wrote the story of my dream. I’m not kidding. It literally happened. The entire story Love in the Shadows
Fear swathed me and worry danced in the fringes of my mind at some of the decisions they made. The characters, my friends trooped through my mind at my will or on their own accord over several months. I created my own dreams about them. I was intrigued by their story of loving others unconditionally, being tolerant and acceptant of others. I was moved by their warning about choosing a lifelong mate based upon physical attributes. The story and how it came to me took my breath away.
unfolded before me in a dream. I was transported to another place and time into the lives of living breathing people that I became emotionally involved with. At first, I was an observer, watching the people carry out their daily routines. Then as the emotional attachment grew, I became part of them. I could smell the herbs in the upstairs room and the aroma of mint tea whirling in my nostrils. I heard their conversations. I recognized their voices and I felt their joy, their pain, and anxieties.

Linda H. Bost
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