Wednesday, February 03, 2021

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New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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Midnight Acquisition

Juliette Rochambeau was heartbroken when the boy she loved ran from South Carolina. Fifteen years later, she returns to her hometown to appraise her family's historic gem-encrusted necklace.

Becket Ford is a thief whose regret over leaving Juliette behind tears at his heart. His remorse, however, must take a back seat when a sadistic puppet master forces him to use their connection to steal the necklace or die trying.

As they both vie for possession of the priceless jewels, lingering desire and emotion from years ago explode back to life. But escaping a madman and finding a future free of their past may just be a fantasy…

Chronicles of the Fallen


Possessed of immeasurable patience, Sebastian, the Demon of Vengeance, has finally been pushed to his limits. His mission is to keep the new Guardian safe until the Sword of Kathnesh is retrieved, but the alluring woman seems to thrive on throwing herself into harm's way at every opportunity. Sebastian is forced to resort to dark magic to save her life--and unwittingly paints a target on her back.
Finding the sacred relic is Phoebe Mackenzie's task, and protecting it is her family's legacy. She's determined to live up to the duty and won't be deterred, not even when she realizes she's lost her heart to the sexy, overprotective demon. Sebastian will do whatever it takes to protect Phoebe, even battle an age old nemesis to the death. But in unleashing the raging storm inside him, he risks losing the woman he can't live without. With the barriers between Earth and Hell hanging in the balance, and Phoebe's safety on the line, how will he ever choose?

24 to Life
Dalton Skies


When Jenna Corbett goes for her morning run, she revels in the knowledge that her dad's protective grip has finally been broken and the world is on her doorstep. But a brutal attack that leaves her bloodied and broken threatens to take away her new-found freedom.
Cody Spencer is working an early shift at the gym. A woman's screams propel him outside, in search of a victim. The plight of the injured auburn-haired woman touches his heart in a way he didn't think possible.
As their relationship heats up, so does the danger. Jenna and Cody embark on a search for answers behind the attack. But will what they find tear their love apart?

The Duke's Decision
Dukes in Danger: A Haversham House Romance


While gathering research for the puzzles she sells to newspapers, Vivian, the widowed Viscountess Rowden, literally stumbles across the arrogant Duke of Whitley.

Whit, known to the ton as the Ice Duke, is spymaster for the Crown, and he has evidence of enemy agents using newspaper ciphers to send coded messages to Napoleon's army. His mission is clear—less clear are his feelings for the woman he may have to destroy.

While Vivian struggles to put the past behind her and find a future where her heart can be safe, the duke must decide whether the lovely and independent viscountess is friend, foe, or fate.

The Fabergé Flute

Amateur flutist and English teacher Sallie Dunbar needs to get away. Not only is her life in a rut, the events of a frustrating school day have also pushed her to the limits. She impulsively drains her meager savings to spend Thanksgiving week at a music convention in 1980s London.

Anticipating a relaxing trip filled with sightseeing and perhaps a romantic fling, Sallie unwittingly becomes a killer's target. A fabulous jeweled flute reputed to possess healing powers has gone missing. And someone is willing to kill to get it back.

Can Sallie evade a killer's clutches? Or will she end up as just another crime statistic?

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