Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A River for Gemma by Deborah Whiting Alexander


. . . Three spirited women. One perilous past. And an unlikely heroine.

Miracles abound in Sugar Creek, a small-town nestled near the horse trails and hazelnut orchards of Oregon’s lush countryside. It is here, where twenty-six-year old Gemma Porter lives a vibrant life chasing her dreams. But Gemma is underestimated by a world that pigeonholes her as “intellectually disabled.”

While the naysayers and bullies only see Gemma’s limitations, her beloved grandmother sees the heart of a genius—and a soul of divination. When Gemma’s longing to be a mother collides with her grandmother’s hidden past, three generations of Porter women are put in peril.

A harrowing adventure unfolds into a heroic quest to save their lives. As Gemma’s bravery is tested, she will need to prove that regardless of age or intellect, a mother’s love knows no bounds.

 A River for Gemma, written by Debra Whiting Alexander, was an August, 2021 release by the Wild Rose Press.

Our Review: Rarely have we read a book which brought us to our feet, cheering for three very different, extremely brave characters. Each faces their own individual challenges—for different though valid reasons. Each stands on their own and the reader is better for knowing them. This is a truly exceptional book.

Based on a scale of 1-5, A River for Gemma deserves an 8.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews.

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