Monday, December 13, 2021

A Wyld Night for St. Nick


When a train jumps the rails near Wylder during a blizzard one December night, mountain man Nick Robinson rushes to the rescue. It's only a few days before Christmas, and the young boy he saves from the wreck is convinced his rescuer is St. Nick. Since the frightened child is crying for his ma, Nick figures the best thing he can do is go back and rescue her, too.

Ella Fielding is instantly captivated by the man who carries both her and her boy to safety. St. Nick or not, she'd like nothing better than to claim such a strong, gentle man for her own. But Ella carries a secret she dares share with no one, not even when Nick asks her to trust him with her heart.

 Our Review: As we’ve read and reviewed other books for the diverse Wylder West series, we’ve heard rumors about the ‘great train wreck’ and couldn’t wait for the real deal to land on our desk. With A Wyld Night for St. Nick we have the details in spades. Right from page one, Author Strickland offers the reader a breath of fresh air for her talent in applying speech patterns common to the West—as well as the late 1800’s. Clothing styles, social mores and taboos are included in subtle ways as well, enriching this delightful story about a lost little boy and his worn to the bone mother who is rescued by a man the little one becomes convinced is Santa Clause. Well done, Ms. Strickland!

 On a scale of 1-5, A Wyld Night for St. Nick deserves a 7.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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