Friday, December 10, 2021

Holiday Reads from The Wild Rose Press, Inc


New Romance and Fiction

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Wedding Cookies at a Christmas Partyby Ursula Whistler$1.99

Roberto Navarro didn't realize he needed rescuing from the surf and his family until he met beach lifeguard Angel Clarke. After hitting it off on their first date, he takes a chance and invites her to his family's Christmas Eve cookie party. When Angel brings wedding cookies to the party, chaos ensues.Read More

Kisses and Lemon Snowflake Cookiesby N. Jade Gray$1.99

Fireman Dustin Keith didn't realize women would be coming out of the woodwork after he posed for the local fundraiser calendar. But the one who catches his eye is a baker with trust issues. Can he scale the wall she's built around her heart, or is fate destined to extinguish the flames of desire before they engulf his heart?Read More

Not a Chocolate Snowball's Chance in Hadesby Lianne Kelly$1.99

Held in Demeter's overprotective grip, power burns deep and seductive in Persephone. She will do whatever it takes to win her freedom and the Olympian Duel of Yule.Read More

Caught Up in Candy Cane Kissesby Shannon Robinson$1.99

Emma Porter writes about happy endings, but getting one for herself is a whole other matter. A messy divorce and a dwindling writing career bring her back to her hometown and the man she'd left behind.Read More

Caramelized Pecan Cookie Holiday Hideawayby J.W. Garrett$1.99

Sunny Yates, a witch, laid off from her job in the city, relocates to her late grandmother's hometown to focus on her new business venture. She rediscovers her magical roots and a nostalgic cookie recipe, and sparks fly after a collision meet-cute with handsome business mogul Noah Russell. He seems perfect for her, but how can she tell him she's a witch?Read More

A Maple Cookie Homecomingby Judy Ann Davis$2.99

When Julien Franklin returns home for Christmas after retiring from the military, his first mission is to taste his home town's maple cookies and find office space for his civilian website business. He's delighted to find the apartment above The Book Bin bookstore is for rent and owned by his old high school sweetheart.Read More

Spritz Cookie Showdownby Melanie Hoffer$1.99

In eleventh grade, Shane Brooks gave Tara Smith her first hot kiss under the bleachers. The next day, Shane broke up with Tara after she beat him in a baking contest. Over ten years later, Tara accidentally agrees to attend an unofficial high school reunion Christmas party, complete with an ugly sweater theme and another cookie baking contest.Read More

The Gingerbread Manby Kim Turner$3.99

Hannah Tate is raising her children alone after her husband's death. Keeping her homestead running isn't easy, but when chores get done that she didn't do, she wonders who her mysterious helper is. Her daughter insists it's the Gingerbread Man who comes late at night. But Hannah has no time for such nonsense. Or does she?Read More

Murder over Macaroonsby Kay Harris$1.99

Hayley Cutter spent five years building a successful cookie business in the quaint village of Sausalito and even longer pining for the local chief of police. But her dreams are dashed by a ruthless businessman determined to put her out of business right before Christmas. Then her rival ends up dead, poisoned by Hayley's specialty gluten-free macaroon.Read More

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