Sunday, July 17, 2022

New Romance and Fiction from The Wild Rose Press


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$3.99When a spell to rid Regis Towne of rats goes awry, Marquell and Grandfather Rat are transformed into men. Marquell wants no part in playing servant to the wizard responsible for destroying his family and friends, but the mage promises to return him to his true form if he serves for a fortnight. Meanwhile Marquell must navigate the world of his lifelong enemies and survive the selfish demands of the wizard’s vain fiancée.Read More
$4.99Every time Jenna Kravitz sees her sex on a stick ex-husband, she still craves him like he's a hotdog with all the fillings. They were soulmates, meant to grow old together…before his freight train wreck dropped her off at despair station. As if that weren't enough, she's tasked with finding her employer's hacker, which might be the colleague whipping up her innermost fantasies.Read More
$5.99Lady Arabella Warwick possesses a passion for cuneiform, a wish to never marry, and an empty reticule. Unfortunately, she also has an ailing mother who needs expensive care. In Victorian England, there is only one way for a lady to raise much needed funds: marriage.Read More
$5.99Hadley lost her sister to cancer. When an explosion puts her in the middle of a family squabble, Johann asks for a week of discretion to protect his brother. Torn between her research and the loneliness in his gaze, she agrees, but family dynamics upend her understanding of loyalty.Read More
$4.99Winnie Harris, following a warrior code in honor of her mother's fighting spirit, will do whatever it takes to protect her little stepbrother, Mikey. Kip Skyler, charming to everyone but Winnie, impresses her stepbrother with his sleight of hand. Now Mikey wants them to pass through a time tear into Frama-12 and save the inhabitants from an invasion. She'll be the general and Kip the wizard.Read More
$5.99Cain DeLucci had enough to do with his demanding job as T.I.T.A.N., being a member of the United Clans for the Betterment of All, and Alpha Wolf of his pride. His hunt for a drug lord is heating up and he doesn’t have time for complications. Especially a beautiful one near dead from a bomb explosion.Read More

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