Sunday, July 24, 2022

New Romance and Fiction from the Wild Rose Press


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$1.99Melanie Cooper struggles to make ends meet in the West Australian seaside town of Cape Falls when she unexpectedly falls into the arms of a handsome stranger—quite literally! Meeting on the picturesque cliffs known for their delicious blackberry brambles, the two unlikely souls feel an immediate spark.Read More
$1.99Lucas Walker loves life at Trinity Beach. He's lived in the small, tropical beach town and worked at Sundae Dreaming long enough to be considered a fixture and for the locals to accept him as one of their own. Now, he's found the woman of his dreams. Everything is perfect except Kari, the girl he's fallen for over the summer, is leaving. He's not giving up on her yet and is determined to make sure she remembers him.Read More
$1.99Kelly Prescott, perfectionist and paralegal at Lumley Adams Corporate Law Offices drops the ball on an important project inciting the wrath of rising star legal aide, Sean O’Shay. She feels a growing attraction to him, despite his fiery demeanor. But with no social life in the way, she accepts the invitation to attend a weekend conference for work, not knowing who else the company is sending.Read More
$3.99Brazen navy hero Lt. Moses Redding incites an international incident on the eve of Mideast peace talks. He’s banished to command the 200-year-old USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” on a Mediterranean PR cruise—purgatory for a man of action.Read More
$2.99Tucker Jennings is disillusioned with his sterile life in 2050. Working for the family business is sucking the life from him when he yearns to follow his dream of becoming a reporter.Read More
$3.99After killing a demon and saving the modern world, paranormal cleanser Vivien Kelly only has three days till Christmas. She scrambles to buy gifts, grocery shop for holiday feasts, and get a Christmas tree. She’s on track when suddenly, her young friend Josh calls the wrath of Krampus, the Christmas demon.Read More

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