Monday, July 18, 2022

Return to Wylder


Is it ever too late to come home?

About The Book:  The untimely death of EJ Hampton’s father kills her dream of practicing law with him in her hometown of Wylder. Heartbroken, she now has two weeks to organize the practice for sale. When she meets her father’s millionaire client Dylan Addison, he is demanding and entitled—yet his charisma captivates her.

Dylan is under pressure to renovate the Wylder Hotel before his father pulls the plug on his project. He needs EJ’s expertise, but she is bent on returning to her life in San Francisco despite the fireworks between them. EJ walks a tightrope trying to balance Dylan’s needs against her own, but doing so is far more complicated when emotions get in the way.

Our Review: Return to Wylder showcases author Imbalzano’s ability to create layered, interesting characters as well as play off the lushness of rural Wyoming. Both, and we consider the setting as an important character—jump off the page and into the readers’ hearts. EJ and Dylan are driven and relentless in their pursuit of success; both have hearts, covered by steel and determination. This is a fun and welcome addition to the interesting Wylder West series. Well done!

On a scale of 1-5 Return to Wylder deserves a 7.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews

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