Sunday, June 14, 2020

New Romance and Fiction from The Wild Rose Press

New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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Kathryn Westcott, masquerading as a tutor, accepts a position at the Clayton ancestral home of Mowbray Manor with one objective--to discover the fate of her friend, Lady Aramintha Clayton. Kathryn is horrified when she learns of Aramintha's death and the dubious circumstances surrounding how she died.

Suspecting the family knows more than they are prepared to say, Kathryn forms an alliance with both Clayton sons and a tenuous friendship with their aloof half-brother Benedict. One of them holds the key to solve the puzzle of Aramintha's demise.

No one is who they pretend to be in this house full of secrets. Someone does not want their villainy exposed and will use everything within their power to stop Kathryn from revealing the truth. Even if it means murder.
Gia Perrone is hired to fill in as famous photographer Scott Wainwright's assistant. The job entails documenting the life of Santoria's royal family and the prince's wedding. All work, no play, right? Wrong. Scott lives up to his reputation as an insulting bully of a boss until he makes his off-the-clock interest in Gia clear. Meanwhile, Prince Roman can't stop flirting with her, despite being engaged. Add in non-committal ex-boyfriend Jason Fortin begging for a fifth chance, and good grief, life in Santoria isn't just a job anymore. It's a conundrum of royal proportions.

Which one will win her heart? One she doesn't want. One she can't have. One she can have—maybe—but does she want him?
Unapologetic bachelor Tucker Julian is co-CEO of the country's fastest-growing online dating site. When he hires Dr. Joelle Scarbrough-Jacobs, he finds himself intrigued by the prickly researcher and sets out to win her over. Joelle is focused on establishing a name for her small research company and doesn't have time for a relationship. But sparks fly between them, weakening her resolve to stay focused on work. Maybe she's not immune to love and romance after all.
It's never a good day when a radioactive hunk of starship nearly drops on your head.

The Claugh Empire attacked Edie's planet fifteen years ago, murdered her parents, and left the teen for dead. So when a wrecked Claugh starship interrupts a salvage mission, she's torn between revenge and rescuing survivors—especially the stirring captain with an uncanny ability to rekindle her dead emotions. Something about him inflames the urge to come to terms with her past. But the mercenary in Edie doubts trusting a former enemy will bring her redemption or put old prejudices to bed. When a new common enemy, hell-bent on wiping out humanoids, threatens to bury them all, the captain tries to convince her a mutual coalition might breach their political impasse—all for the greater good.
Tori Mundola witnessed her parents' horrific murder as a child. Then she was ripped away from the only family she had left, her brother. Her desperate search for him finally pays off, and she makes her way to Snow Ridge, Colorado—almost.

Chief of Police, Luke Grady, has sworn to protect the residents of Snow Ridge. That includes the mysterious woman stranded on the side of the road in the middle of a blizzard. Tori has secrets, and the more he learns of them, the more he realizes she needs a protector.

Someone is out to keep Tori from reuniting with her brother, permanently. Can she and Luke uncover the truth of her parents' murder before it's too late? And can Tori open her heart and share her secrets with a man she's just met?
Maddy Strong doesn't like to be alone but a weight loss boot camp is not her idea of a good time. Working out and counting calories is a test she's bound to fail—especially when paired with fitness-focused Greg as a workout partner.
Health-conscious Greg Power is desperate to end his night terrors. While he doubts his therapist's prescription of exhausting his body and reprogramming his mind he is willing to try anything.
During their workouts they uncover a deep connection. But when their friendship blossoms into love, they discover possibilities neither have ever considered. Faced with the biggest decision of their lives, who will they choose?         

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