Sunday, May 03, 2020

New Romance and Fiction from The Wild Rose Press

New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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If you found a box of letters written during World War II—would you read them? And what if you did and discovered an amazing story about unrequited love, betrayal, and murder in a small southern town?

A young lawyer meets Emily Hodge, a 75-year-old spinster shunned by her hometown society, and can't understand why she lives such a solitary and seemingly forgotten life. But the letters she leaves for him reveal how her choices caused her to be ostracized—but definitely not forgotten by those who loved her.
New England cop turned Las Vegas P.I. Joe Roddick thinks his luck has changed. But when he takes on what seems like an easy location case from the Lucky Hearts Casino his easygoing life explodes.
A professional hitman known as The Scorpion has arrived in Sin City, looking for the same man. After being shot, Roddick realizes he, too, is on someone's hit list. While he recovers, his tech-savvy daughter Kaylee takes revenge into her own hands.
Meanwhile The Scorpion is on the hunt, leaving a mounting body count in his wake. Clearly more than gambling is going on at the Lucky Hearts. Will Roddick be able to expose the operation before The Scorpion silences everyone in his path—including Roddick and Kaylee?
Can a duke be thrown into debtor's prison? If so, Emily, dependent on her cousin, the heir to her father's impoverished dukedom, wonders what will become of her? With great reluctance, she agrees to marry a man willing to pay for an aristocratic bride.

Rejected by the woman he loves, Ambrose Hawkins, shipper, importer, and former pirate, settles for a female who can further his social ambitions. His marriage to Emily is prospering until a man who blames Hawkins for the failure of his own courtship is murdered. Hawkins is the obvious suspect…

…and the obvious suspect usually hangs.
Lucy Hathorne and her friends Pyrtle, Cassie, and Velda live in the quiet fishing village of Maidenhead, Massachusetts. They are childhood chums who meet each Sunday for gossip and quilting. Their idyllic existence comes to an abrupt end when Lucy's charming and mysterious cousin makes a dramatic entrance aboard a red-sailed schooner.

Sebastian Hathorne brings lethal bounty to Maidenhead: a poisoned crew and a cache of medical cadavers destined for the Harvard Medical School. His arrival during the blustery gale portends the hair-raising events to come. Nothing has prepared the girls or the young men who love them for the terrors ahead.
Lilacs, Litigations, and Lethal Love Affairs
Cassie Whittington is starting a new life in the landscaping business after being laid off from her high-tech job. Then Cassie inherits an estate and life gets really complicated. Her ex-husband reappears in her life, her new boss is romancing her, and she finds a body in the greenhouse. If she's not careful, her new life might be ended before it begins.

Foxgloves, Fancy Fungus, and Fatal Family Feuds
Cassie's million-dollar inheritance is put on hold, but that's not her biggest problem. Her romantic life is a mess, with two men vying for her affections. Then her best friend's fiance is accused of murdering a rival chef. Truffles and treachery combine to put Cassie's life--romance and all--in danger.

Daisies, Deadly Force, and Disastrous Divorce Disputes
Cassie has finally inherited the estate left to her, and now she needs to make a decision: return to her ex-husband or stay with her lover? She needs to make a choice, but that choice might kill them when all three of them are forced to relive a terrible tragedy.         

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