Saturday, May 09, 2020

Welcome S.K. Andrews to our garden interviews

Hello S.K.

tell us about you and your books

Do you plot or let the story unfold as you write?

I do both.  I type out an outline that keeps me organized.  I always need a framework for my story.  However, when I begin writing a story the plot and characters always evolve.  For instance, in my paranormal adventure book Bay of Darkness, halfway through writing, a new villain came to me.  The story takes on a life of its own and even though I’m still at the helm, I give in to the creative flow of change.  It makes the story much better than that first outline!

Describe your writing style in ten words or less.

Strong—Emotional—Creative—Flowing. Coming from the love of storytelling.

Who is the biggest influence on your writing?

Rod Serling has been the biggest influence in my writing.  As many people know, he created the TV show The Twilight Zone back in the 1960’s.  He wrote paranormal tales that took the audience to another world beyond our three dimensional one. 
Having been inspired by his powerful scripts, I gravitate toward paranormal stories laden with hope.  I love to focus on strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity or evil.

Do you have to travel researching your book(s)?

I was not able to travel to do research for my book Bay of Darkness, which takes place in NYC, Ireland, and Northern California.  I have lived in NYC and Northern Cal, but had never been to Ireland.  I did extensive internet research, but ironically, while I was in the final editing stages I made a new friend who hails from Limerick, Ireland.  She invited me to travel with her for a family gathering.  All of a sudden, there I was in Ireland!  I took a side trip to Clonakilty in West Cork, and that was a miracle!  Some of the most intense scenes take place in Clonakilty with my lead character Vivien Kelly.  I’d also created several scenes within a real pub called Mick Finns, and then I walked in.  It felt surreal!  I met the owner, took photos, and then sent him two signed paperbacks when my book published on October 2, 2019.  I will be back to do a book signing one day.

What tips would you give a new writer?

Don’t let apathy or thoughts emerging from lack of confidence drag you down.  I don’t believe in writer’s block, but there can be writer’s drag.  Sometimes it just feels too overwhelming and then you find ways to distract yourself from writing.  I’ve read this in famous writer’s interviews as well.  It happens to all of us.  But, when you come back to your core of creativity inside of you, it all pours out.  Breathe, relax, and open to all inspiration.  A story is living inside and will come out, because it has to.

And for a bit of fun...

What is your favorite comfort food?

Spaghetti with marinara sauce and a lot of parmesan cheese on top.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Peace be the journey.”

What is your favorite drink?

Cadillac Margarita on the rocks with salt.

What makes you laugh?

Good comedians and adorable animals misbehaving.

What is your favorite time of year and why?

Autumn.  I love October, Halloween, my birthday, and the cool crisp air blowing leaves down the sidewalk after summer has retired.

 Where can we find out more?

Download Bay of Darkness on Amazon and other online retailers


D. V. STONE said...

Love Rod. When the Twilight Zone maratho s are on my TVstays on thet channel. Great post and best of luck with your move. D. V. 🦉

Barbara Bettis said...

Delightful post. I enjoyed The Twilight Zone too, as well as Bradbury's Sci Fi stories.

GiniRifkin said...

Hi always so interesting to hear about another author's approach to writing. A trip to Ireland would be a dream come true. Love the Fall season, too. I'm also an October birthday!

Micki Miller said...

I love her view on plotting and flow.