Sunday, May 31, 2020

New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

New Romance and Fiction In The Garden

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A midsummer sailboat race is coming to Annapolis, and Celia Rossi's 1950s-themed ice cream parlor will have a booth at the waterfront celebration. To keep her business flourishing, she needs to impress both locals and tourists on the festive day. But how? She receives unexpected help when she hires a part-time worker who pops up out of nowhere. Suzie Conroy proves to have an almost magical gift for the craft of artisanal ice cream, yet she acts clueless about some ordinary details of everyday life. And why is she so determined to churn up the perfect batch of tutti frutti?
Flame-haired Birdie Mae Dix has no idea what tomorrow will bring. Kidnapped by the Pawnee and traded to the Comanche, she is now in the custody of the US Cavalry. After eighteen years of loss and cruelty, she trusts no one, not even the handsome captain whose piercing blue glare fills her with apprehension…and unwanted desire.

Years of war have hardened Captain Ford Thackery. Pledging his life to a military career, he has sworn never to consider married life—until he rescues Birdie. He knows he must earn her trust as well as find a way into her heart.

When she is abducted by a renegade Pawnee cavalry scout, Ford embarks on a dangerous journey of rescue, but he and Birdie must still bridge the gaping chasm of hatred that separates their worlds.
All Lily Evans wants for her summer vacation in the tiny resort town in upstate New York is rest, relaxation, and a chance to recover from her recent breakup with her cheating ex. Unfortunately, she gets no cooperation from the sexy, playboy Ben Jordan, Aberdeen's hot young police chief. From the moment Lily arrives in town, the man wreaks havoc in her life.

Women fall at Ben's feet like rain from the sky. With Lily's arrival, Ben sees a perfect opportunity to enjoy an easy, pleasurable summer with her. Only Lily refuses to oblige. Ben loves a good challenge…especially if it involves the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.

Before long, sparks fly between Ben and Lily. In even less time, the rumors swirl. Should Ben pursue Lily and risk his future chance at being mayor? Can Lily let go of her fears and learn to trust again?
Louise Archer boards a westbound train in St. Louis to find the Kansas homesteader who wooed and proposed to her by correspondence, then jilted her by telegram – Don't come, I can't marry you. Giving a false name to hide her humiliation, her lie backfires when a marshal interferes and offers her his seat.

Marshal Everett McCloud intends to verify the woman coming to marry his homesteading friend is suitable. At the St. Louis train station, his plan detours when he offers his seat to a captivating woman whose name thankfully isn't Louise Archer.

Everett's plans thwart hers, until he begins to resemble the man she came west to find, and she the woman meant to marry his friend.         

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